Strong Woman Bundle

Strong Woman Bundle

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Breath of Life, and Strong Earth Woman by Métis artist Leah Dorion. Joyous Motherhood mask by Ojibway artist Cecil Youngfox. The Strong Woman bundle features our life givers.  

Breath of Life: "Our breath gives us life and is the sacred vessel that carries our voice.  When words are shared with loving positive energy our world is greatly impacted." Designed by Métis artist Leah Dorion

Strong Earth Woman: Strong Earth Woman honors the important physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connection women have with the earth.  The earth teaches us that we need balance in order to be healthy and well. Designed by Métis artist Leah Dorion

Joyous Motherhood: Design by Ojibway Native Artist Cecil Youngfox.

For each Indigenous Face Mask that is purchased, we send a mask to an Indigenous child or youth in our Indigenous communities.

This is a non-medical use face mask. Click here to read the Government of Canada's guidelines concerning the non-medical use of face masks.