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Maxine Noel Bundle

Maxine Noel Bundle

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For each mask purchased, we send a mask to an Indigenous child or youth in our Indigenous communities. 

Hope, Leaf Dancer, Eagle’s Gift, and Mother Earth by Sioux artist Maxine Noel. The Maxine Noel bundle features collections of her artwork. Each design has its own teaching.

Hope: Only in unity will there be hope for the future.

Leaf Dancer: Mother Earth turns, and with a gentle wave of her hand another season passes. 

Eagle’s Gift: When one does the work of the great spirit, one receives an eagle's feather as an honour.

Mother Earth: With the cleansing Waters and the warming rays of the Sun, Mother Earth flourishes.

Reusable Masks have 3 layers with adjustable ear loops. They have a pocket inside for the filter. The outer layer with the design is 100% Polyester and the inner layer and lining are 100% Cotton. They are washable, in adult size, unisex.

This is a non-medical use face mask. Click here to read the Government of Canada's guidelines concerning the non-medical use of face masks.