Francis Dick Bundle

Francis Dick Bundle

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For each mask that is purchased, we send a mask to an Indigenous child or youth in our Indigenous communities.

Hummingbird: "Hummingbirds are majestic and magical little creatures. They are spiritual guides that carry a blessing in each visit."

Eagle Freedom: “The orca in the wing of the eagle symbolizes, family, and protection.”

Raven: "In Native Stories Raven is the bringer of light. The Smaller Face at the bottom represents the humanity which the Raven brought light to."

Celebration of Life': “This painting is dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one, and those who have passed over to another dimension. It is a reminder that life is a celebration.”

Reusable Masks have 3 layers with adjustable ear loops. They have a pocket inside for the filter. The outer layer with the design is 100% Polyester and the inner layer and lining are 100% Cotton.